July 26, 2016

Tree Maintenance 101

tree maintenance

Trees are something that can add to the beauty of a landscape scenery if they are plant in the right places and given proper maintenance. A proper tree maintenance begins when people choose what they want to plant. Also, what people do in the first years to the trees they plant will determine the outcome of them at a later time. As a matter of fact, it can even determine how long they are likely to live. Therefore, some tips on tree maintenance may prove to come in quite handy.

First of all, people need to know about finding the right trees. To do this, they should first try to figure out what exactly the purpose that the trees they plant will have to serve. This has a great impact since different purposes will require different trees. Then, after they have made up their mind on the purpose their trees should serve, they need to take into account what limitations exist on the spot they expect to plant them.

The second step that is necessary for people to take is to choose a healthy tree. If they are planning to plant the bare root trees, they should end up with the ones having fibrous and moist roots. But if what they are after are those of the balled and burlapped type, they should choose the ones that come with a firm root ball if touched, especially on the part close to the trunk. Yet, if they are looking for containerized trees, the soil should be firm and moist with well developed roots. And if they are looking for potted trees, there should not be circling large roots, the roots and soil need to be tightly joined and the pruned roots need to have been cut neatly.

They should also pay attention to how to plant a certain type of trees. Different types will usually require different planting methods. People should also keep in mind that mulch is often the best friend of all kinds of trees. Therefore, they are recommended to mulch their trees after they have been planted. Tree watering is the next important element when it comes to tree maintenance. Newly planted trees should be watered right after they have been planted. Then, for the first 2 years, the trees need to be adequately watered while at the same time the soil needs to be given wood-chip mulch. However, though, never over-water the trees.

The next thing people should know regarding tree maintenance is when the best time for pruning is. Typically people prune their trees during the dormancy period of the trees. This way, a vigorous new growth will burst in spring. However, it is more recommended to wait until winter has almost passed and that it is not as cold as before any longer. Some people also prune their trees in summer. This is best if they do not want the branches to grow too fast. But some people prune their trees in summer in order to correct the growth of the trees. It is in summer that people can see defective limbs more clearly.

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